Music Production Courses

On this page you will find a convenient list of helpful resources to take you further in your journey towards mastery. These music production courses come highly recommended by me. If you choose to purchase anything from this page, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: some of the links on this page are affiliate links and may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase anything listed below.

I promise you this: I will only recommend educators that I know you will get massive value from; educators who produce the highest quality content.

Even though some of my friends produce content that could potentially “compete” with my own courses, it would be remiss of me to withhold valuable instruction from you because of a misguided sense of pride or some other such selfishness.

Peruse the selection and if you decide to purchase any of these fine  production courses, please let me know how you have grown as a result!

  • represents my effort to create the webs most valuable, in-depth training on modern mixing. Along with the 24 week immersion into the theories and concepts that make great mixes, you’ll also find an amazing community of aspiring engineers and professional alike to interact with and share your mixes, tips and tricks with.
  • For a free taste of the method visit the site, enter your email and I’ll send you my free 5 day mini-course called “3 Simple Steps To Amazing Home Recordings”.

The Artist Promotion Blueprint

  • This is a completely free resource for bands, artists and anyone else who is interested in using the internet coupled with powerful marketing strategies to increase their presence and grow a massive fan base. Subscribe to the email list to stay current on the latest techniques for marketing yourself as a musician.

Artist Promotion Blueprint

Dueling Mixes

  • This is one of the BEST educational resources on the topic of mixing that I’ve ever seen (next to, of course!). Every month, Graham and Joe will compete against each other in mixing the same song (in their individual studios).
  • Afterwards, you get the entire multi-track session to mix in your own studio.
  • Hear 2 different mixes of the same tracks by 2 different pros
  • Then, mix your own version and compare and discuss your results with the community!

Dueling Mixes


The Hackers Guide To Drum Recording

  • Recording drums is one of the toughest things to get right in the project studio. My buddy Mike has put together one of the most thorough guides on the subject that I’ve ever seen.

Products By Joe Gilder

Joe Gilder is an engineer from Nashville who has worked in everything from million dollar studios to bedrooms (and everything in between). He produces some of the best music production courses and educational resources on the net and I consider him a colleague and a buddy (although we’ve never met!) Check out a sample of his work:

Joe Gilder

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Take a course from Joe below:



Production Club 2.0

  • The production club is an all-inclusive, in-depth online training course, where you will walk with Joe through the entire recording process. He will record an entire song from start to finish. From song idea to finished, mastered recording, ready to be sold (or shared with your mom).And over a jammed packed 19 weeks, you’ll be right there, following along the entire time!

Production Club 2


This is a MUST for anyone who considers themselves a beginner to intermediate recording enthusiast!

Check it out here

Understanding EQ

  • EQ can be a frustrating process to learn and understand completely. In this tutorial series, I teach you how to become confident in your ability to EQ anything.

Understanding Compression

  • Compression was a big mystery to me when I first started recording. It took me a long time (and lots of hours) before I felt comfortable using it. In this series, I teach YOU how to become comfortable with compression (in much less time than it took me).

Understanding Editing

  • Editing is one of those skills that can be difficult to learn. It’s essentially the process of taking your recorded tracks and polishing them, getting them ready for mixing. In these videos (over 3 hours), I explain to you the nuts and bolts of editing audio, everything from removing unwanted pops and clicks from a vocal track to pocketing bass, guitar, and drums. It took me years to learn how to do this efficiently. Now I’ve condensed all that information down into a single tutorial series.

Understanding Your Room

  • Your room is lying to you. Understanding Your Room gives you 6 hours of training on room acoustics and acoustic treatment. Without a properly treated room, your chances of making great-sounding recordings are shot.

Home Recording Tactics

  • 9 recording engineers share invaluable insights into how they go about making great recordings.

Products By Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is a producer, audio engineer, singer/songwriter, worship leader, and avid music fan.  When he’s not producing, recording and mixing music he produces fantastic music production courses to help you along your own musical journey. Here’s an example of the quality of his instruction:

Graham Cochrane

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Check out some of the programs Graham offers:

Re-Think Your Room

Rethink Your Room

  • Is Your Room Holding You Back?

    Do you feel like your mixes have plateaued in your studio? Do you ever wonder if your monitoring environment is even accurate? Are you confused about acoustic treatment and whether or not it will actually help you get the sounds you want?

    Re-Think Your Room

ReThink Drums

Rethink Drums

  • Recording drums well is one of the most challenging tasks for an audio engineer. But thanks to REthink Drums things just got a whole lot simpler! Setup in two parts REthink Drums shows you exactly how to mic and record a drum set using anywhere from 1 to 10 microphones and then shows you how to mix your tracks to perfection. Get better sounding drum tracks now with the gear you already have!

ReThink Protools

Rethink Pro Tools

  • REthink Pro Tools is the next best thing to having a professional Pro Tools user sit down with you in your studio and teach you the ins and outs of this powerful program in plain English. Spanning over 3+ hours of HD video content I cover everything in a clear and to the point way. If you’re ready to quit wasting time trying to learn Pro Tools yourself, order REthink Pro Toolstoday and get up to speed in no time.

Rethink Vocals

Rethink Vocals

  • Whether we’re tracking our own songs at home or producing vocals for paid clients, we know that a polished vocal can make or break a recording. REthink Vocals is an in depth series that walks you through the 4 key areas of producing top notch vocals: recording/arranging, editing, pitch correction, and mixing. With over 2+ hours of HD video content, REthink Vocalswill help you take your vocal recordings to new heights right away no matter what DAW you use!

Solving Beat Detective

Solving Beat Detective

  • If you are a Pro Tools user looking to get the most out of your software, you need to know the ins and outs of Beat Detective and Elastic Time, the two powerful editing plugins included. This crash course video tutorial clears up the confusion and helps you speed up your editing workflow all while keeping your tracks sounding musical and un affected.Initially available only as part of REthink Pro ToolsSolving Beat Detective can now be purchased separately.

JumpStart Series

  • Take your mixes to the next level with the JumpStart Complete BundleGet all five JumpStart video products at one super low price. From  in depth EQ and compression concepts, to practical editing and mixing workflow, to self mastering techniques, you get it all with the Complete Bundle


If you choose to purchase any of these music production courses, I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me a message!