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The TechMuze Podcast

Thanks for checking out the TechMuze Podcast! As you may know we discuss two pillar topics here at TechMuze: Music Production & Music Marketing. To make it easier for you to find the content you need I’ve separated the podcast episodes into collections.

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Latest Episodes

TechMuze Ep 82 – Managing A Large Tour With Paul Bradley

This week we discuss how to plan and manage a tour with Paul Bradley. Learn the logistics and the potential pitfalls to avoid to have a successful and profitable tour. Learn more about Paul and his company at

TechMuze Ep 81 – Growth Farming With D Grant Smith

Today on TechMuze we discuss the importance of developing and nurturing relationships. D Grant Smith is a self proclaimed Growth Farmer who has become an expert at audience growth through relationship building. We get into some serious subjects in the interview and...

TechMuze Ep 80 – Member Spotlight with Jason Mark Yates

Today we get to meet another TechMuze Community member. Jason Mark Yates is a prolific songwriter who's written over 300 songs in the last 2 years. He's an active member of the TechMuze Community (which you can join for free here) and is always willing to share his...

TechMuze Ep 78 – Member Spotlight With Rich Genoval

Today on the show we have our first ever TechMuze Community Member Spotlight! Rich Genoval is a full time musician and a long time member of the TechMuze Community. He has managed to quit his day job and jump head first into music. Playing up to 300 gigs a year,...